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Charlton Medical Centre Pharmacy is conveniently located in the Charlton Medical Centre which is located at 230 James St. S, Hamilton. At Charlton Medical Centre Pharmacy our pharmacists are a big part of your healthcare team. We work closely with your doctor to ensure you get the right medication at a reasonable price.

Our Services Include:

  • Provide a review and assessment of all your prescription medications.
  • Organize your medication in 7-day blister packs.
  • Answer your questions and help you select over-the-counter medications.
  • Order your prescription refills by phone.
  • Dispose of your medications, syringe, pen needles and lancets.
  • Free delivery for your medications is available.
  • Easy transfer of your prescriptions.

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  • We are here to help

    Our walk-in clinic location provides easy access to clients